Our Model

At Home in College (AHC) consists of 3 components: Pre-College (serving high school seniors), Bridge to College (serving graduating seniors in the summer between high school and college), and College (serving community college students).


  • College Transition English Courses: A year-long course, created by CUNY faculty and College Now staff, that develops student academic literacy skills through a study of topics in psychology and sociology.  This course prepares students for both the CUNY Placement Exam and college credit courses, and is offered in lieu of traditional 12th grade English courses during the school day.
  • College Transition Math Course: This course, which was developed by CUNY staff and faculty, helps students develop basic numeracy skills and number sense through a study of a variety of topics, including: multiplying and dividing terms, the distributive property, multiplying binomials, factoring, linear functions, composite functions, and systems of equations.
  • College Access and Success Workshop: This weekly workshop, facilitated by high school guidance counselors, helps students: research colleges and apply to CUNY (with a fee waiver); file financial aid forms; and discuss common obstacles and scenarios encountered by first year college students.
  • Testing: Students are scheduled to take the CUNY Placement as a cohort in January and in May.
    After each exam, students receive a detailed score report with suggested next steps.

Bridge to College

The program collaboratively trains students who have completed 1-2 years of college, called “College Coaches,” to deliver on-site transition workshops to high school seniors and support them with their college-going plans after graduation. The Coaches come from the same high schools and socio-economic backgrounds as the students in their caseloads. They are supervised by adult staff, and regularly meet as a group to troubleshoot and develop best practices.

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  • Advisement: Each CUNY community college campus has a designated AHC advisor in place to assist students with registration, orientation, financial aid processes, and connect them to on-campus resources.
  • CUNY Works: AHC students who meet certain criteria will be eligible for on-campus work/study opportunities through a program called CUNY Works.  Students will receive $10/hour in these positions, as well as weekly metro cards and workshops designed to enhance academic and professional skills.